I Love You Son

I Love You Son

I love the way he looks at me
With his bright black eyes
I love it when he kisses me
And talks of the things he likes

Making a milkshake or his favourite cake
Gives me immense pleasure
For I’m sure he’ll devour it saying.
I loved it and I love you too mother

I love it when he rushes to me
With school stories galore
Stories of his friends and foes
And tiffin boxes with delicious toasts

I listen and savour
This childhood phase of his immensely
For, I know only too well
That this phase like all else is temporary

Soon he’ll enter manhood
And with his new found responsibilities
Memories of his childhood
Would ( for him) become a distant memory?

But for me – MOTHER..
It will be etched in memory for a lifetime
And I will be ever-longing
To just hear him say “I love you mother”

By : Sathya Venkatesh

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