Do you remember them?
The steps.
Which you used and reached the top, up and above.
The steps which bowed before you and bore your burden.
Helped you reach the altitudes you always dreamt of.
Now that you are on the top,
You either fly away to a far off land
Or use the lift to reach the ground.

When you come back, the lift may not be ready and waiting for you.
It may not come down and open even if you push all the buttons.
It may get stuck half way and refuse to budge an inch.
The rope may give away and dump you in the other world.
But the steps, the poor old steps, the same old steps
However, keep waiting for you.

Even if they are worn out they would welcome your weight.
To carry you to the same old heights that you always cherished.
How many kinds and how very kind.
Alive or gone
They would still cheer you to the goals,
The steps
Do you remember them?

You only know to use them, not even thank them.
And fall from the height and perish.
Remember, the steps perhaps remember you
The you on the ground,
The you in the sky.
But do you remember them?
The steps?

Contributed By:   Gopal Yenugonda   I am a Ph.D., in Biochemical Genetics. I worked with AIR in various capacities. I am now a freelance writer translator. I also conduct soft skill trainings. I enjoy reading and writing as well as listening to classical music. I rarely write poetry. gopalvy@gmail.com

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