Three Wishes

Three Wishes

Journey of life began with parents.
Happiness-sadness, success-failure,
was shared with brothers and a sister.
Care was taken by sister-in-law as
Nephews filled life with joy.
made life easy to be traveled.

I Wish my family a happy long life.

It is painful to see people beg for food.
People live without any shelter.
Children loiter without education.
Young men wander without jobs.
Young women try to protect themselves.
Old people cry for care.

I Wish I never see the days of poverty ever!

Eyes to see the beautiful world.
Hands to do my chores.
Legs to cover any distance.
A mind to make me independent.
Physical health gives me strength.
Mental health makes me intellectual.

I Wish I never become disabled!

Contributed By: Smita Kamble, Bangalore working as a Hindi Lecturer. smitap.kamble@gmail.com

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