Late Night Trauma

Late Night Trauma

Looking out of the window pane,
I have neither relief nor pain.
Pitch darkness all around,
No sign of light outside is to be found.
My room is the only one,
With its bright tube light on.
Every member in my family,
Is asleep comfortably and calmly.
With my mouth murmuring,
And my body shivering.
With a pen in my right hand,
And a pencil in my left hand.
Books scattered all around,
On my study table, nothing can be found.

Surrounding me are,
Few plates and empty jars.
My specs slipping off my nose,
Irritates me the most.
So many books opened, right
In front of me, inspite,
The very less space left,
On my table premises and the chest.
Can you imagine my condition?
Also, my horrible situation.
Yeah, yeah, you got me, dude,
Its nothing, but an examination flu.
So, I’m studying hard all night,
Picking the books, I am now off on an intellectual fight.

Contributed By: Aparna RamMohan I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and am employed with one of the world’s leading Consulting Firm. I am also a free lancer writer and a poet. Writing is my love and passion. alpsrammy@gmail.com

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