Beauty of Trees


Trees bring us rain and give us shade
They make our surroundings a lovelier place
Trees give us fresh and unpolluted air
Which in the present day world – is so rare

Today we increasingly, cough & sneeze
A price we pay for felling of trees!!!
Oh! Man…Arise and wake up to this truth
Without trees your own future you loot

Skyscrapers and apartments – Your claim to fame
Will bring you to grief and endless blame
Plant more trees – A clarion call do make
Before its too late- and your future you break

Live stress-free, be happy
By surrounding yourself with more greenery.

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Contributed By:  Ms.Sathya Venkatesh is working as a copy editor in an equity analysis firm in Coimbatore. Writing poems, stories for children and painting are her other interests. Email: crvsat@hotmail.com


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