But We Will Live

But We Will Live

*There was terror and scare everywhere,*
*Blood and screams were thee too,*
*But, see we are back in action again*
*We wont stop living because of this…*
* *
*O great cops! our salute to you all,*
*To save our lives,you did not care for thou lives at all…*
*If they went to heaven just to save us all..*
*We promise dears we will never let your spirits fall….*
* *
*Tears were there in everybody’s eyes,*
*And prayers in everyone’s mind,*
*But we are back in spirit again*
*Giving terror a back fall*
* *
*If they are doing this to prove their power,*
*Sorry to them then as we are firm as light tower,*
*See**, **India** was,is and will be the best..*
*Just wait and watch for the rest…*
* *
*Helping others is in our genes you see,*
*Without caring for their lives they fought,*
*We live high even in flood or drought,*
*And our spirit is “die not”…*
* *
*We will never let fear to take its toll,*
*However big or however small..*
*We are Indians and ” Satyamev Jayte” is what we follow,*
*And” Jai Hind” is what we call,*
* *
*Live like a man and stop hatred*
*Its sin to kill innocents,*
*Atleast fear almighty*
*Live life that is pure and sacred…*

Contributed By:  Kriti Sharma kritish2007@gmail.com

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