You Are There

You Are There

That day meandering down the mountain path
below the azure sky
I saw flocks of birds descending
on a placid lake that
glittered from sun’s aura

The scene was surreal
– a picture perfect
displaying GOD’S unique creativity

It jolted me out of my mundane sleep
and reminded me of the effete existence that I lead everyday

As a child I was told to follow a rightful path
away from all sins yet
the vagaries of the world created by MAN

led me astray
but today aroused from my slumber
by the force of the scene before my eyes

I walked towards the lake as if
-in a trance

At the lake my fingers dug deep into the clay

And I vowed to my self
God! I have arrived.

French – Clay- Finger – Feeling – Force – Mountain – Sun – Rightful – Sin – Flock

Contributed By – Suhas kumar sukum48@rediffmail.com



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