Creative Writing Website Gets a New Look

Creative Writing Website Gets a New Look     

July 2008 : The Inspirational & Creative Writing Website Writershideout.net now sports a completely new look and an eye catching design.

The latest hideout for Creative Writers in India, www.writershideout.net is a platform for budding writers to showcase their creativity and thoughts in the form of adventure and short stories, musings, poems, travelogues, humour as well as inspirational stories, parenting tips and spiritual thoughts. In a very short span of time, the website has grown in terms of both quality and quantity.

Recently re-launched with a brand new look, the website now boasts of a refreshing new design which has been implemented keeping in mind ease of use and smooth navigation through the website.

Each creative category on the website provides thought provoking content and the website offers a unique platform to those who want to inspire others with their writing as well as get inspired by reading motivational / inspirational and spiritual thoughts of others.

The section on Stories for Children is especially interesting as it provides unique reading material for expanding the creative avenues of children. Many write-ups are supported by pictures that add to the overall reading experience.

For more information about this hideout for Creative Writing, visit: http://www.writershideout.net


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