New Indian Website for Creative & Inspirational Writing Launched

New Indian Website for Creative & Inspirational Writing Launched

Creative Writing – Stories for Children, Short Stories, Poems, Musings, Spiritual / Motivational / Inspirational Writing India

www.writershideout.net is the latest addition to Creative and Inspirational Writing in India and acts as a platform for an entire network of creative writers in India and abroad. ‘Creativity at It’s best’, this is how the new hideout for writers presents itself.

‘Amidst the growing stress and pressures of daily life, the need to be inspired and motivated is very strong. Writershideout.net aims at catering to this need of web surfers to inspire and be inspired by providing an online hideout where people can share their own experiences as well as motivational / spiritual thoughts to inspire someone else. The section on Children Stories is particularly interesting. You can treat your children to some very creative and simple stories- said AS @ www.writershideout.net

The layout and theme of the website comes across as vibrant and refreshing.

Most of the creative write-ups including spiritual stories, children stories, musings and motivational short stories are supported with related pictures and graphics that add to the feel of the story being told. Other writing categories on the website include Adventure Stories, Musings, General Stories, Thought for the Day and Poems etc. The website has grown tremendously in a short span of time and it will be interesting to watch the level it will reach in the time to come.


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