Vegetable Pulav

Vegetable Pulav (For 4 persons)

Ingredients: Basmati Rice – 2 cup Coconut milk – 2 cup Water – 2 cup cloves, cinnamon – a few Salt – one pinch Ghee – 2 table spoon Cashew nut, kishmish

Method: 1.Soak Basmati Rice for 1/2 an hour in water.

2.Mix cocunut milk and water and boil. Put the Soaked rice into the water and allow to boil. Put cloves and cinnamon and little salt into the vessel. Close the vessel with a lid and cook it for 10 minutes in low flame.

3.Turn off the flame and keep it closed for 5 minutes.

4.After that put the contents into a flat vessel and allow it to cool.

5.Now, heat the pan and roast the cashew and kishmish and set it aside. 6.Roast the onions into golden brown colour and mix it with the rice and cashew and kismis.

The tasty Vegetable pulav is ready now.

If you want it colourful, you can fry carrots, peas and beans and add into this.

Contributed by: Meghana  meghana_em@yahoo.co.in Want to share your own tasty recipes? Write to us info@writershideout.net


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