Bala & His Dogs

It was very early in the morning. The railway station and platforms were almost empty except for few passengers in the rest room, shooing mosquitoes and snoring musically. The only sounds were those of the engines on some of the tracks, warming up for a long journey, yet to start. The lights were burning on every lamp post on the platform. Within an hour, the darkness would be dispersed by the first rays of the sun. No one was found walking on the platform except for the three dogs. They arrived here at this appointed hour everyday, waiting for someone they loved so much. They were Raja, Rani and Tony. They were siblings. They were waiting for their master, benefactor, Guru, the old station master Bala.

Bala or Balsubramaniam was a retired station master. He was staying in a rented house near the station. He was a bachelor. Raja, Rani and Tony were born in Platform.

Their mother left them, immediately after they were born. They were brought up by the station master Bala, Hussian, the stall owner and others in the Railway station. Bala always arrived on Platform 1 sharply at 5.30 am. He was very punctual, even when he was a station master. He came to see the dogs, and to feed them. He has been doing it for the past 10 years. He brought them biscuits, bread, cakes, Rotis, wafers and other eatable too. The dogs loved to eat them from his hands. They loved Bala so much.

Today, Bala didn’t come. What could be the reason? Rani looked worried. Raja and Tony were running up and down of the platform, looking here and there. They were downcast! ??

Suddenly Raja’s ears pricked up. He could hear the sound of the footsteps, and the walking stick of his master. Here, Bala arrived. He smiled at them. They came running to Bala. They did not eat from his hands, instead licked his feet and hands. There were tears in the eyes of Raja, Rani, Tony and Bala.

Contributing Story Teller::  R . SURESH BABU I am a graduate teacher in English. I love writing stories for children

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