I Can Do It

Neeta is a five year old girl. She is a charming, adorable as well as a precocious child. Her parents gave her all the things any five year old would enjoy. In the park she would sit in one corner and really be proud about it. Neeta just had one “problem?”. She hated swings, slides, bicycles – she would sulk all the time.

If there was the slightest probability of danger (accident), Neeta wouldn’t venture in to it. Neeta’s mama was sad as she knew how badly her daughter is missing out on all the fun of childhood. She tried to persuade her daughter to try it out, but in vain..

Until the day came when Neeta had to be really brave. Neeta and her parents had gone on a holiday to Coorg, which is a beautiful hill station south of India. They stayed in a resort, where there were many tree houses. If you go on top you could see the entire Nilgiris. But Neeta was terrified of the wooden ladder steps that led to the tree house. She stubbornly refused to climb up.

Mama, what if the ladder breaks? What if I fall from the tree top?

So, Neeta just stood there while her Mama and Papa went ahead. They didn’t try to persuade her anymore, they just left Neeta on her own.

Neeta tried to scream and create a ruckus for some time. And then she felt lonely & couldn’t hold herself from going to the tree house. She climbed the steps carefully one at a time, until she reached the top. Neeta’s mother rushed over to hug her. “Yes, Darling, I knew you can do it?   And, well, for Neeta she was glad she didn’t miss the misty mountain view..

You know what, Neeta is busy taking skating and swimming lessons now,and above all, she’s having a good time.

Contributing Story Teller::  Malu Vinod Mohan, I am a mum to a ten year old girl and 5 year old boy. Had been reading (to them) for the past few years. I am very fond of reading children’s literature & my favourite is ‘Matilda’. maluraveendran@yahoo.com

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