Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away   

It was another Monday morning in the town of Bridgestone. The only difference was that it was raining heavily. The torrential downpour had begun late Sunday night and the rain God’s had no mercy for the people who had to go out. The crossing at Palm Avenue and Elliot Street was full of teeming traffic and people waiting at the curb with colourful umbrellas, some wearing raincoats.

Sarah Brown had just missed the bus. As she moved forward under her protective pink umbrella holding her purse in her hand, the bus just missed her. It went away and she was stuck in the downpour. Sarah decided to hail a taxi as she was getting late. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson were standing a bit farther waiting for their son Henry’s School Bus.

Anthony had an umbrella on his head while Amy Johnson was wearing a rain coat. She didn’t mind the rain so much. Old Mrs. Jackson was well protected under the awning of the Drug Store. She decided to walk home as soon as the rains lessened.

She lived close by and had come to buy some medicines. Laura Jackson suffered from Asthma and needed to buy her inhalers. At the turn of Elliot Street were stuck Mr. & Mrs. Joseph White. They were sharing an umbrella, getting annoyed because it was getting late to reach their friends’ home for a celebration. “We will get really late Joseph dear,” said Cathy White. “I know, but there is nothing we can do but wait for the bus to arrive.” “Why can’t we take a cab for once darling,” wailed Cathy with her hands on her waist. “I don’t want to waste money,” replied her money minded hubby with his hands in his pocket. “Well then, we have a long wait. I wish we had hailed the taxi which just went passed empty.” Joseph ignored her keeping a look out for the bus. Marian was crossing the road walking carefully, scared of slipping and falling. She had to avoid broken bones since she lived alone. She had come out to the nearest phone booth to make a call to her sister since her home phone wasn’t working.

Behind Marian, Mathew was rushing forward too, to cross the road, but had to stop for the taxi to go past. He was in a rush to reach his aunt’s house on Elliot Street with an important message from his mother. “Be careful lad, what’s your hurry,” called the taxi driver. Arthur and his son Jeff were moving forward in their black car. They were going to the next town nearby for a meeting. The tenants on the floors above the Drug Store decided against venturing out when they saw the chaos below.

The rains continued till late afternoon and lessened after that.

Contributing Story Teller:: Amita enjoys writing about her experiences as well as short stories for children and poems. Contact her at : amita17149@hotmail.com

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