Rebecca’s Miracle

Rebecca’s Miracle

Chapter 1 – Rebecca was finding it tough to keep her anger in control. She sat at her favourite table in the cafeteria of her law school with a straight face and a stern glare at the person sitting opposite of her. ‘Oh my god’ ,laughed Jake, ‘I can not believe I finally found a dodo who thinks that something stupid by Robbie Williams is the most romantic song ever’. Rebecca continued to stare at him waiting patiently for his laughter to die.

‘I mean, to hell with all the love ballads there ever were, our miss Becky thinks that something stupid, a song that didn’t even make it to the Billboard top 10 is THE most romantic song ever ’,said Jake, between fit’s of laugher. ‘You know what Jake Turner’, said Becky,’ it was my fault that I thought I would share something so personal with my best friend, thanks for being so supportive’, said Becky as she flung her bag on her shoulder and marched out.

She could still hear Jake’s laughter. She just hated it when Jake didn’t care for all the little things that she shared with him. Every little thing that was special to Becky had to be a joke for him. ‘Perhaps it is my fault, I share way too much with Jake, maybe he doesn’t understand all this sentimental stuff’, thought Becky as she crossed the boys hostel. ‘But still that’s no excuse, the least he can do is be supportive’ argued Becky with herself.

‘Hey Becky wassup’, said Annie, Becky’s roommate. ‘Hey Ann’, said Becky as she managed a weak smile. ‘Okay what’s wrong’, said Annie. ‘Nothing I’m fine’.

‘Rebecca Josephine Henderson do you think you will stand in front of me with that exasperated look on your face, say that you are fine and I’ll believe you’, said Annie with her hands on her hips. ‘c’mon lets go to Steve’s , there is nothing Steve’s best chocolate chip ice cream can’t cure, we’ll talk it out’.

Annie caught Becky’s hand and led her to the college gate. The two girls had been friends since their first year of law school, and Steve’s ice cream joint was their favourite hang out. ‘Okay spill the beans’, said Annie placing a scoop full of ice cream cup in Becky’s hand. ‘It’s Jake, he just doesn’t understand me’, said Becky with her hands in her hair. ‘I mean, everything is a joke for him, EVERYTHING that I say ,when will this guy take me seriously, he is my best friend for God’s sake but sometimes I feel that the understanding between us has reduced since Allison came in his life’.

Annie had been a little too familiar with such situation. It is not the first time that Becky had been upset with Jake, and ever since he has been dating Allison, Becky has constantly been on an emotional upheaval. ‘So what‘s it this time,’ said Annie, raising her eye brows, ‘what did Jake do?’. ‘You know Ann, after so many days Jake and I decided to have lunch together, it was all going fine, just like old times. he was telling me how his date with Allison was last night and how ‘the way you look tonight’ is her favourite love song and I said that my all time favourite love song is ‘something stupid’ by Robbie Williams’, said Becky in one breath. ‘And…’ said Annie. ‘And he just burst out laughing; I mean he was rolling all over his chair with laughter. I felt like such an idiot and I left the place’, said Becky pausing to catch her breath,

‘You tell me Ann is something stupid such an awful song or am I such a big dodo that I expect my best friend to be supportive when I tell him little things that matter to me ’. ‘of course not honey, I think something stupid is a wonderful song,’ said Annie as she gently touched Becky’s hand , ‘and Jake’s an idiot if he thinks otherwise, but sweetie that’s still not such a big issue to cry about is it’, asked Annie as she saw tears stream down Becky’s face.

‘No it’s not Ann but this is not the first time. Ever since Allison came in Jake’s life, I feel…..i feel like I am losing Jake. The more close I get to him the farther I find him , and you know what’s the worst thing Ann’ said Becky with fresh tears rolling down her face, ‘ I thing Jake doesn’t even miss me anymore, it’s like he’s a new Jake, someone I don’t know and not the same old Jake Turner I’ve spent my high school with’.

Annie sat with a sad look on her face looking at her roommate shed silent tears. Becky didn’t had to spell it out .Annie knew that Becky loved Jake more then anyone else in the world, and even though Becky had put on a bright smile when Jake introduced her to Allison, Annie knew how heartbroken Becky had been that day, Annie woke up the next day only to discover a tear stained pillow cover and Becky’s puffy eyes. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Becky would always defend Jake, when he would keep her waiting, or when he would cancel on her just to catch a movie with Allison, but now it was becoming too much to bear and it hurt Annie to see Becky in so much pain. She finally decided to speak up, if she didn’t say it today Becky would never make an attempt to tell Jake how she really feels about him. ‘Becky, how long are you gonna run away from the truth, you know you love Jake, why don’t you go and tell him’ said Annie and sank back in her chair to watch the effects of what she had just spoken.

Becky looked up at Annie and knew instantly that she had no way to defend herself. The most promising law student of the class was losing the case against her heart. Becky decided to give up, there was no point hiding it. Annie knows her inside out.

‘Ann what am I supposed to say’ said Becky in hoarse whisper, ‘I know I’ve loved him since as long as I can remember but Jake has been blind enough not to see it,’. ‘seven years Ann , Jake and I have been together seven years and not once has Jake considered me more then a friend, I can’t be so idiotic to confess my love for him and loose the friendship that we’ve shared’ said Becky. ‘I’ve seen him with Allison and he is happy, very happy. I cannot do it. It’ll get all messed up .I won’t be able to look Jake in the eye. He has made his choice and it’s not me…it’s Allison’

Annie opened her mouth to protest but she knew Becky had made up her mind and no matter what she said, Becky had chosen friendship over love and pain over happiness, and she was going to stick with it.

Contributing Writer:  Juhi Bhatnagar juhibhatnagar@gmail.com

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