The School Teacher

The School Teacher

Shirley was the school teacher of the local school in the town of ‘Green Meadows’. The school named ‘Jack & Jill’ was located at the west end corner of the town. Since the town was a small one, most of the children either walked or cycled to and fro from their homes to school. Others who lived a bit far off were dropped and picked up by their parents in their personal vehicles.

Shirley was very popular with the kids and was liked by the staff and the headmistress. The Principal Mrs. Daniels, liked to consult Shirley on various new projects for the betterment of the school.

One day the Principal called Shirley to her office and said –

“I want your opinion about something new I have planned for the children. I would like you to supervise a trip for them to the local cinema where they are showing ‘The Sound of Music’. They can go with you on a Friday and on Monday, you can ask them to write a review on the film. This will help them use their imagination and give them an incentive to improve their grammar, vocabulary and spellings.” “Oh! Mrs. D, what a brilliant idea. I am honored that you have chosen me for this special occasion. I won’t let the children disappoint you.” “Very well, then, Shirley. Do make the arrangements for the coming Friday.”

Friday dawned clear and bright with the sun shining on the children’s hats as they marched in a line to the local cinema hall called ‘The Jubilee’. Shirley took them in and they all sat enthralled throughout the movie.

On Monday the kids were asked to write a review about their visit to the film. It seemed everyone had loved the film and had written glowing tributes to it. Mrs. Daniels was pleased with the results and it was decided that whenever a good film opened at the Jubilee, Shirley would take the kids to see it.

Shirley was looking forward to taking the children to see ‘Mary Poppins’ at the Jubilee next month. As luck would have it, she was bed ridden on Thursday afternoon with high fever. “Oh! what am I to do. The children will be so disappointed. I will call and ask Mrs. D to go with either Heather or Mercy.” After talking to the Principal, Shirley felt better. On Friday morning, the Prefect of her class, Dorothy, called and said to her – “Miss Shirley, we don’t mind missing our outing this week. We can easily go next Friday. Heather and Mercy Ma’am will not let us have any fun. Please Miss, call Mrs. D and tell her you will take us next week. Hope you get well soon.”

Next week Shirley and her class went to the Jubilee and had loads of fun watching Mary Poppins.

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