Secretary Sahib

Dr. Aiyyer is trying hard to key in few good lines but fails! He does not understand what makes Ms Sachi miffed. They both met in an online forum and soon started exchanging notes of friendship. Good heavens, she addressed his online friends as his private secretaries. Perhaps, this young woman wants to show her power! Alas, this generation is little bit impulsive…obsessed with power quotient.

“Arre! Sahib, Have your tea first, I have other things to do”, his thoughts are interrupted by his house maid. He knows, she has nothing special to do, but needs her daily quota of gossips. After all, she is undisputed queen of chatterbox club.

Like other day, she will begin her sentence with,’’ Ei Kasturi! Sorry for being late…my Sahib can’t live without me…always lazy!” Perhaps, she does not know, he often prepares fresh mint tea for himself! He tries to drink it like a small kid. He remembers ‘masala tea’ that his late wife used to make!

Alas, In Chennai, they used to prepare hot cuppa …he can still smell fragrance of coffee seeds! But, he is no longer accepted like his youth.
People simply treat him like another powerful civil servant.
May be, he does not support freeloaders who treat him as a cash crop!
He still remembers how some clan members complained to him
“If you treat yourself as Raja Harish Chandra, then why do you meet us?”
A big smile appears on his face.

All of a sudden, phone rings!
Oh, its Desai! Desai wants to be empaneled as Secretary.
Though his ACR goes against him.
“Sir! You know my case. Why do not you put my name to C.M.?
But I am retired and it’s against rules, he pleads.
“Sir! You still hold power…you are a king maker… please Sir!” Desai tries hard to persuade.
He giggles like a kid and disconnect the phone.

It’s time to take a stroll, he moves out and sees faceless crowd.
Mr. Aiyyer finds them jostling around. Each one of them wants to prove some thing.
He keeps walking. All of a sudden a shrill voice disturbs him.
“You bloody wimps…what do you think about me…I am going to fix you all.
He sees a burly man showering a group of residents with invectives.
“After all, I am secretary of this RWA. Don’t ever…speak to me like this”

“Fine Sir! But you have no right to abuse us. You must understand filthy language hurts! “, a young woman protests!

“O.K. Then, don’t live here…who stops you to move out”, he shouts.
Mr. Aiyyer does not want to stay there for a moment.
All of sudden he comes across that burly man.
What Meer Chand, his erstwhile PA.
My goodness! Time has really changed, he smiles .
Let this young woman have her say… there are many other secretaries around!
Secretary Sahib! He mutters to himself and enjoys a hearty laugh!

Glossary: ACR: Annual Confidential report
P.A: Personal assistant
RWA: Residents Welfare Association.

Contributing Story Teller:: Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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