The Sunshine Village

The Sunshine Village    

Once, a long time ago, there lived two sisters, Martha and Bertha in a village called ‘Sunshine Village’. They were married to two brothers – Peter and Paul. Martha and Peter had named their cottage ‘The Dreamy Hut’ and Bertha and Paul called theirs ‘Sparkle & Shine’.

They lived happily side by side with a lovely garden between the two cottages shared by both. Peter worked in the fields nearby, while Paul helped him with the farming. He was also fond of fishing and loved to sit near the river which along side the farm, with his fishing rod. Martha and Peter had a small 3 year old son called Chubby.

They had given him this name because of his rosy cheeks. Paul and Bertha had a 2 year old daughter who was called Honey due tot he color of her eyes. Whenever a plane flew over, Chubby would run out and wave to it while Honey clapped her hands. A bus used to come to the village everyday with fresh milk, bread, butter, cheese, jam, fruits, vegetables and other groceries.

As soon as the bus entered the village, the driver honked on the horn and all the villagers would come flocking to it, to buy what they needed. An ice cream man would also do the rounds everyday and flower sellers were seen in abundance. Shops selling clothes, utensils, furniture and all other items needed in the house were situated a mile off the village on the other side of the river. The villagers used to cross a small bridge to reach this market which also housed a police station and a post office cum general store.

Martha and Bertha were experts at baking and had put up a small shop near their garden gate, called ‘Creamy Delight’ where they sold fresh croissants, scones, patties, pastries, cakes, buns and cookies. The solitary church was flocked with villagers every Sunday where they came turned out in their best attire. The local train passed by twice everyday, once at 7 A.M and again at 5 P.M, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. The sound of the train passing by gathered the children of ‘Sunshine Village’ near the river’s edge from where it went. They waved goodbye to the few passengers seated near the window. Those men who worked in the nearby towns could go their and come back by this train whom the kids had named ‘Sunshine Express’ after the village.

The greenery of this village was to be admired at. There were a lot of trees which beauty to this lovely village. People knew each other by name and were very friendly. Occasionally, the villagers gathered for a picnic at the local park where their were swings, slides, see-saw and merry-go-round for the kids. At these get-together, the two sisters Martha and Bertha brought mouth watering delicacies from their bakery shop. A huge sized chocolate and cream cake was specially made for the kids.

Time passed by and Chubby and Honey grew up. They completed their education and got married at the local church with nearly all the villagers present. Chubby married his childhood friend Joanna and Honey had chosen Julian for her husband whose family had come to make a home in ‘Sunshine Village’, about 5 years back. This is how the lovely people in the sweet little village got on with their lives and were always happy and satisfied.

Contributed By: Amita is a budding poet, story teller and Spiritual Writer amita17149@hotmail.com

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