The Windy Day

The Windy Day

Margaret was a School Teacher. She lived in the town of ‘Lotus Ville’. Her school was not very far from where she lived and it took her about 20 minutes to walk there.

She used to walk along side the river and loved the view. Her husband Jonathan used to work at the super market. He was the Manager and had to manage the running of the store which gave him very little time to look after his wife and his 8 months old son Timothy. Margaret was lucky to have her neighbour Marjorie as her baby sitter. Tim stayed with her while Margaret went to school. Marge used to love looking after Timothy and she was his mom’s best friend as well as her next door neighbour.

One morning, Margaret was told by Marge to be careful because the weather forecast wasn’t good. “Why don’t you take leave from school today Meg, it’s going to be a bad day weather-wise. Strong winds and maybe rains have been predicted.” “No Marge, I can’t. The exams are very near and I have lots to do. Don’t worry, it’s not so far and I’ll carry an umbrella.” “Just be careful won’t you Meg and wear a coat.” “I will Marge. Bye see you.” She gave a hug and a kiss to her son and went along on her way to school. While going, the weather seemed not bad, but later on a strong wind started blowing.

Marge left school as soon as she could but while halfway near the embankment there was a very strong gust of wind which blew everything halter-skelter. Marge was carrying important papers in her bag but the wind blew it away from her hand. All the papers started flying and Meg thought she would herself be blown away by the angry wind. There was a man walking on the other side of the road who was holding on to his hat. Margaret stood at one place because the wind would not let her walk. She was getting worried now. In the meantime, Marge had noticed the changing weather and called Jonathan at the store. He said he would come and look for Meg. “Do hurry up Jon, Meg might be in trouble.” “Don’t worry Marge, I’m coming.” Marjorie’s husband was out of town otherwise he could have come sooner. He worked at the library which was just 5 min away. The super market was about 15 mins by car and Marge hoped Jonathan would be able to drive in this wind and locate Meg soon.

Meanwhile, Meg was still standing at one place unable to walk home, trying to protect herself from falling and getting hurt. The wind was getting stronger and wilder. Jonathan somehow started the car but was finding it very difficult to drive. Slowly but steadily, he moved forward. “Thank God, the road is straight from here,” he muttered anxiously to himself. At last after about another 10 min he reached the embankment and saw Meg swaying in the middle of the road. He reached her and pulled her inside the car. “Oh! Thanks God you are safe Meg. I was so worried.” “How did you come Jon?” Meg smiled with relief. “Well, Marge rang me up. She asked me to come as soon as I could.” ” Marge is such a dear. I hope she and Timmy are safe.”

Marge opened the door and asked them to come in while she made coffee for the three of them. “Thank Heavens you two are safe. I’ve never seen such a strong wind in my life. Just look at the debris on the road.” “Yes, I lost all my papers standing on the road. I’ll have to make another set of question papers for the coming exams.” “That’s all right Meg darling, as long as you are safe, everything else can be managed,” said Jonathan giving a hug to his wife.

The town of ‘Lotusville’ had never seen such strong winds which had caused so much havoc everywhere. Mr. Klemp the butcher had lost his roof had lost his roof while Mrs. Higgin’s garden was a mess. She had grown lovely flowers and loved her garden. She was now in tears. “I feel awful Meg looking at my garden. The wicked wind has destroyed everything completely.” “I know Betty. I’ll help you put things right in the weekend.” said Margaret in a reassuring voice. “You will! Well I’m happy for that. I really don’t know where to start.”

Jonathan went to Mr. Klemp’s house on Sunday to lend a hand repairing his roof. “I must say Jon, I’ve never see anything like this in recent years. Poor Abby can’t find any of her clothes. Her whole clothesline was blown away.” “I know Tony. Gerard also needs a hand. All his pots and plants and artificial flowers were ransacked by the winds. I’ll go and help him in the afternoon.” At last the people of ‘Lotusville’ settled down to good weather and calm winds once again but no one could forget the windy day in the near future.

Contributing Story Teller: Amita enjoys writing about her experiences as well as short stories for children and poems. Contact her at : amita17149@hotmail.com

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