Anxiety At The Railway Station – The Presence of God In Everyday Life

Anxiety At The Railway Station – The Presence of God In Everyday Life

Once we were travelling from Patna in Bihar, India to New Delhi. We got down from the train and my husband

Lord Hanuman

Strength of Prayers – Lord Hanuman – Hanuman Chalisa

hired a coolie. I held my daughter’s hand and tried to keep pace with my husband who was following the coolie at a fast pace. As we proceeded towards the exit, me and my daughter got caught in the milling crowd. To my utter shock, I noticed that my husband was nowhere to be seen. It seemed there was going to be a stampede with people jostling and pushing us all the time. Slowly, I neared the entrance but could not see my husband anywhere.

I stood in a corner holding my daughter’s hand, very worried and anxious. After 15 min had passed, I grew very panicky and on impulse, started reciting the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’.

There was no familiar face to be seen around the sea of faces but I kept on. I had reached the end of my prayer and that is when I saw my husband pushing through the crowd and waving to us.

I finished my prayer, thanked God and moved forward to join him. He said he had looked everywhere but couldn’t find us and was very worried. As we came out of the station and hailed a taxi, I knew it was Lord Hanuman himself who had come and helped our family unite with each other.

In times of stress, Hanumanji – the Wind God comes to peoples’ rescue and saves them from difficult situations. My faith in him grew stronger from this day on.

Contributed By: Amita  is a budding poet, story teller and Spiritual Writer. amita17149@hotmail.com

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