Awareness of God – The Most Important Thing To Understand Life

 Awareness of God – The Most Important Thing To Understand Life

I believe that the most important thing in life is to understand it through GOD. If you have awareness of God, the rest, ie. love, understanding, hope, faith, will follow. Whosoever is lucky enough to be aware of God, doesn’t need anything else. Then everything falls into place.

You will never have doubts about anything that happened, is happening or will happen in your life. When you understand that God is the real doer and you his servant, who obeys, you will not be hampered by feelings of – ‘I should have done this,’ ‘why didn’t I do this’, etc. Always believe that all decisions are made by God and not us humans. We are just instruments in God’s hands through which his will and wish is carried out. Everything that happened, is happening or will happen in our life has a reason.

Remember nothing takes place in your life before time. Moreover, what ever good or bad that occurs has an exact time and place for its occurrence. In simple words, the CD of our life is playing on God’s computer and happenings keep happening at the exact time, regardless of what you may know or want. So let the CD play and be happy, positive, hopeful and pliable in God’s hand. Move with the river of life and not against it and let the Creator mind your business.

Quit exertion in any walk of life, be patient, expectant and joyful. Make plans for sure, but don’t get carried away in the future so overwhelmingly that you have no time or energy left to acknowledge God in the present and feel his love, and wonder at his generosity and guidance. If you believe in him thoroughly and place yourself in his hands, he will always guide you and show you the right path.

God gives you only that which you really need and not more. Learn to trust his choices made for you and once you understand God’s ways and are aware of him, there will be no reason for any type of doubt crossing your mind.

Whatever you do in life, do not move away from GOD, because that is when things will start going wrong for you.

Contributed By: Amita enjoys writing about her spiritual thoughts, experiences as well as short stories for children and poems. Contact her at : amita17149@hotmail.com

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