Motivated by the Bhagwad Gita

Motivated by Bhagwad Gita

We often read articles by management gurus who quote from Srimad Bhagvad Gita.

Srimad Gita means Song of God. It provides answers to many questions that haunt our day to day existence. Gita is a subject of deep introspection. Undoubtedly Gita is venerated by millions for its motivational qualities. Gita is seen as a antidote to dejection.

It is a dialogue between Arjuna, the disciple and Sri krishna, the teacher. Arjuna represents the chaos and Sri krishna represents wisdom. It emphasizes on Karma yoga or path of action. Sri krishna explains that there is no escape from work. Even, when we stay idle, our mind is at work.Thus, he asks us to do our deed and leave the results to God.

Sri krishna is adored by millions because of his motivational appeal. He is not only venerated as God but also as the path finder. His discourse has been compiled in Srimad Bhagwad Gita. Sri Krishna emphasizes on equanimity. He explains that nature puts us in front of good or bad circumstances but we must practice equanimity in all conditions.

In simple words, we must remain unaffected by ups and lows of life. He exhorts us to remain cool headed under all circumstances. Often, human mind wavers to extremes. It either becomes too happy or desperate.

It is not willing to accept a change. However, Srikrishna explains every thing is bound to change. Therefore, one should never be overjoyed or dejected. He explains, when one tries to remain cool headed. He or she will never suffer emotional hurt.

Srikrishna advises us to do our deed and offer it its result to him. It also means when we trust him as our saviour then results of our actions will be decided by him. And as they say, God knows the best, we may progress up in life.

Contributed By: Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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