Crashed – True Spiritual Story & Incident, Arizona, United States

Crashed – True Spiritual Story & Incident, Arizona, United States

This incident occurred in Casa Grande Arizona in Nov 2007.
On the late evening of Nov 2007 I was driving to a local grocery store after work to pick up a few items for dinner with my family.

All day that day November 27 I had a headache that just would not go away! I never made it to the store, I suffered a stroke while driving drifting into oncoming traffic and was hit by a large truck nearly head on! The impact left me hanging partially out the drivers side door by my seat belt. I was conscious enough to release the belt fortunately an off duty firemen was just across the street and responded immediately.

Next I saw myself from just above my body as the sound of sirens came closer. Half of my body was bathed in what I can best describe as a White and Silvery light, the other half of me the Blackest of Blacks! I don’t know why but something told me, that deepest of black was something no one could return from!

I then, off to my left heard a voice basically chewing me out for how I had lived my life to that point and that “GOD doesn’t take fence sitters.” The “voice” then stated go back and experience the pain you’ve caused others! 6 days later I awoke from a coma, and found out my heart had stopped en route to the hospital and that I nearly died!

When I awoke my wife, my rock Petra is her name (really), was there at that moment! I was told that I had congestive heart failure at just age 49 and that many weeks and months lie ahead of physical therapy and that it would be a long road back. I was weakened by the stroke on my left side and it sure appeared that many months lie ahead. That accident took place on Nov 28 2007, I was released from Physical Therapy on Christmas Day 2007…and I walked out of the hospital! GOD is Truly Great!

I just feel in these times with so much doubt that my story inspires people “sitting the fence” to take a serious look at their lives, faith and what is truly important, accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and realizing that to do less you run.

Contributed By: A Simmons asimmons58@gmail.com

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