Fear Vs. Faith – The Presence of God In My Aunt’s Life

Fear Vs. Faith – The Presence of God in My Aunt’s Lif

My aunt was a God fearing and kind woman who was often plagued by bad dreams, worries and tensions of

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva- Fear Vs. Faith

some kind or the other. She used to feel scared all the time and her face had a perpetually haunted expression.

Whenever she came visiting, she would mention that she was unable to live a normal life because of her constant worries and panic attacks. However, one unforgettable incident in her life changed her for the better, making her a stronger and wiser person. Auntie narrated this incident to me some time back and I could see its positive effects on her personality and well being.

Being a strong believer in Lord Shiva, my aunt visited the Shiv temple regularly. On one of her usual visits to the temple, my aunt saw no way of leaving the main door of the temple after finishing her pooja due to the large sea of humanity which was swiftly turning into a stampede. She said that she had never encountered such a huge crowd there before. Every time she tried to pass through the doorway, she was pushed back. This continued for quite some time and auntie started feeling suffocated as the crowd pressed against her.

All of a sudden, she saw a Sadhu standing a bit further away. He looked at her and pointed towards a small door that could take her out of the temple. She looked at where he was pointing and noticed the small, unnoticeable door on the rear end of the temple. Happy to find an alternative way out, my aunt turned around to thank the helpful Sadhu. To her surprise, the Sadhu was no where to be seen and it almost seemed as if he had become invisible.

At that moment, my aunt understood that she had seen Lord Shiva himself who had come to help her in the garb of a Sadhu. She recalled that he was dressed in a saffron colored dhoti with a kamandal in his hand and his hair piled on top of his head – just like Lord Shiva’s Jata. The most arresting feature of this special Sadhu was his expression and the most calming smile that she had ever seen.

After narrating this story to me, auntie confessed that ever since this incident, she had evolved into a much more confident person and was able to go through her life with an unexplainable courage & serenity.

She firmly believed that Lord Shiva had come to help her in the garb of the helpful Sadhu to remind her that he was always there to help her and that there was no need to be scared or worried anymore.

 Contributed By: Madhuri

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