God, The Only Remedy

God, The Only Remedy     

There comes many instances in a man’s life when he loses confidence in himself, feels defeated, low and depressed. This happens especially with city dwellers who live a fast and strenuous life, hardly having time for themselves.

Peer pressure, household problems, tension at workplace, expensive lifestyle, all this lead to mental stress. Life has become so fast and man so busy, that he is forgetting the value of God and His importance in our lives.

He is almost a closed chapter for many workaholics today who devote themselves entirely to earn their bread.

But our being, mental or physical can be healthy only with His presence in our lives. One can always resort to God when in trouble. The doer is surely to benefit from it.

So if one begins and ends the with a thanksgiving prayer or chants of holy names like ‘OM’, he or she will enjoy mental peace.

No matter how much science advances or technology flourishes, God, the Almighty, and our creator will continue to be our supreme ruler and we His slaves. When we pronounce His holy name, all worries, tensions, depressions or frustrations drains out of our mind and is refilled by solace. Extinction of God from one’s life invites mental discomfort.

All our wrongdoings, misdeeds, undisciplined lifestyle fills our mind with noises. The Holy Spirit is a panacea for our distresses. He is our ultimate saviour.

Contributed By:  RINI DE 

Qualification: English Graduate, present course: PG Diploma In Mass Com rini_de@yahoo.co.in


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