The Healing Pond, India

The Healing Pond, India

This incident I am writing about took place in the late eighties. I have three daughters and my second daughter was struck by a severe case of jaundice. The disease really caught on with her and her eyes, nails etc started looking yellow. She felt nauseous all the time and even light food was difficult for her to swallow. Slowly, she developed fever, cough and cold and became completely bed ridden.

My husband, a doctor did all he could but there did not seem to be much improvement. I was worried sick watching my highly spirited daughter just lying frail and weak in bed with her eyes closed. I kept praying for some miracle to happen so that my daughter could improve a little and eat or drink something. At this point, even sips of water were difficult for her to swallow.

Help came in the form of my husband’s junior. When he heard about what had happened, he suggested that we should take her to a small village in Haryana, which was known for having a cure for jaundice. Though my daughter was very weak, I was ready to take her. My husband also agreed that there was no harm in trying.

We left on our journey by car early next morning with the junior and his wife accompanying us. We reached this village called ‘Chara Gaaon’ which had a small pond known for its magical powers to cure jaundice. My daughter was supposed to take a dip in its waters and drink as much as she could. Though very weak, she did as she was told. Her father helped her to dip into the pond with her head completely immersed in water as many times as possible. She was also made to drink the magical water as much as she could.

The junior suggested that we fill all the water containers in the car with the pond water so that on coming back to Delhi, my daughter could drink more of it for a few days. After doing what was needed to be done, we left the village on our return journey. As we reached Bahadurgarh, my daughter opened her eyes saying in a weak voice that she was hungry. We took her to a road side dhaba which was known for its clean and hygienically prepared food and ordered lunch.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my daughter munching happily and enjoying her food. There was my daughter who till morning could not even drink water and was now actually eating spicy food with relish. I knew I had seen God with his multi faceted being just then on my little daughter’s innocent face. We came back to Delhi and my daughter was cured completely within days. I made my other two daughters drink some of that pond water too. This important incident in my life confirmed my belief in God and his miracles.

Contributed By: Amita loves to pen down her thoughts on various subjects. Her poems, children stories and Spiritual musings have been published online. She is a homemaker.  amita17149@hotmail.com

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