Illness Vs. God – Story of Miraculous Recovery From Illness

Illness Vs. God – Story of Miraculous Recovery From Illness

Gandhi ji used to say that ‘There are many diseases in this world but there is only one physician – God’.

This theory was near to my mother’s heart too. She used to say that Basil leaves; the simple plant of Tulsi revered in most Hindu homes has the ability to delay the effects of cancer and sometimes in the early stages, could cure it too.

I must have been very small when this incident occurred because I don’t remember much. Apparently, I was

Illness Vs God

Illness Vs. God – Lord Krishna

struck with severe typhoid and was bed-ridden for quite sometime in our home in Muzaffarpur. Doctors came and went and all the medicines prescribed by them were given to me regularly. The fever was not coming down and I had become very weak. I used to lie on my back day and night since I did not have the strength to turn on my side. This led to sever back ache and my frail frame broke my mother’s heart. I could not be persuaded to eat or drink much. Days passed and my appetite became worse with the continuous fever and discomfort.

At this point, the simple task of opening my eyes had become too difficult for me. My mother feared I won’t survive due to sheer weakness. One night, as my mom lay next to me holding my hand, praying to Lord Krishna to help me, she dozed off. Suddenly, in the wee hours of the morning which she called the Brahma Muhurta, she opened her eyes to see a wonderful sight.

She saw that Lord Krishna was sitting beside me holding my hand and wiping my perspiring forehead with his other hand.

My mother started to open her mouth to call him but the next moment, there was no one there. As the effects of her light nap left her, she thought she must have imagined all this and went to sleep again. She got up around 6 am and was shocked to hear me uttering a few words weakly and sitting up. I asked her for an orange.

My mother rushed to the kitchen to fetch me the fruit and offered to peel it for me. I smiled a weak smile at her and said I could manage. She called my dad and told him that I had asked for something to eat after so many days.

How did this miracle happen? Here I was lying in bed with high fever for so many days and on this miraculous morning, I was fine with no fever just weakness. Did my mother really witness Lord Krishna’s blessings or was it just her imagination? Well whatever it was, I got cured and could stand on my feet in a few days time.

I quote my mother “Leave everything in God’s hands and live your life righteously. Do not plan for the future but always repeat in your mind that God’s will is your own. The rest will be taken care of by Lord Krishna himself.”

Contributed By: Vallari likes to share her views based on real experiences.

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