Lord Hanuman Came Through For My Children

Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman Came Through for my Children

Lord Hanuman Came Through For My Children – The Presence of Lord Hanuman in Everyday Life

Childhood is the right time to instill good value system and faith. My daughters are now grown up and lead a God fearing righteous life. I was tutored by my mother to believe in the Almighty whatever the circumstances. She told me that prayers when offered by a truthful heart were always answered. Since childhood, I endeavoured to teach the same value system to my daughters which my mom had taught me.

My three small daughters came to me one day and asked me to take them to the zoo. I had promised them the same but unfortunately it was cloudy and drizzling on that Sunday when the small dears wanted their promise fulfilled.

My husband said there was no point in going outdoors especially the zoo on such a gloomy day. My poor dears made a long face and the sight of their tearful eyes made me feel very bad. I looked up at the sky but could not see any chance of the black clouds giving way to dear Sun Lord! I tried to distract them but could see the disappointment in their eyes.

When my youngest came and touching my face asked – “Mummy, Won’t the sun come out?” I answered on impulse – “Of course it will. All three of you read the Hanuman Chalisa seven times and then see what happens”.

After managing to keep them absorbed, reciting the Chalisa in their childish tone, I got busy with my household chores. Once or twice I noticed that the elder two were reading the small book wholeheartedly while the youngest followed suit but kept looking up at the sky. I felt guilty too that on such a dark damp day it was impossible to see even a glimpse of the sun. Had I done wrong in asking my children to pray for such a small thing? Well, since the poor dears were half way through, nothing could be done now.

I thought I would cross the bridge of faith Vs no God when I came to it.

I had forgotten about the three carrying on with their recitation in their room while I was busy in the kitchen. I had not looked out of the window as I was busy frying the masala for Dum Alu and washing rice for peas pulao. Suddenly I heard footsteps and all three daughters clutched me saying breathlessly – “Mummy Mummy! Look outside, the sun has come out.” The eldest said – “We finished reading Hanuman Chalisa seven times and God answered our prayers.” “Yes mummy, the sun has come out. We can go to the zoo now,” chimed the second one while the youngest pranced around saying – “There is no rain. Papa can drive us to the zoo now. Oh what fun!”  I accompanied my daughters to the verandah and looking up at the sky saw the brave sun peeping through the still dark clouds. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could the sun shine when there were dark gloomy clouds and drizzling rains since morning. Anyway, we all got ready, went to the zoo and had a wonderful time.

I knew that day that God is always there for you especially for the children when they pray for something with a pure heart.

Contributed By: Amita enjoys writing stories, poems and children stories. Her spiritual thoughts are based on her own personal experiences. Get in touch with her at amita17149@hotmail.com

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