Man And The Goddess

Man And The Goddess

A lady I once came across told me her story of faith in God. She was a very religious woman and had firm faith on Goddess Durga.

She celebrated the Navratri festival with great fervour. Kirtans were held at her place and she kept fasts during the


Man & The Goddess – Navratra Festival

nine days. She also invited small children from the neighbouring houses on the 8th day and fed them happily and gave them money & gifts. Her husband did not have anything at all to do with all this. He was a confirmed non believer. The lady used to ask him to worship the Goddess, atleast during the festival days but he wouldn’t oblige her. He did not stop her from celebrating the nine days but took no part in it. One night as his household members slept, on the last day of the Navratras, he read for sometime and then prepared to go to sleep. He lay down with his feet towards the puja place where he worshipped the Goddess.

He had just drifted off to sleep when he heard someone call his name. He got up rubbing his eyes and was surprised to see a lady standing near his bed. She was dressed in a white sari with a broad red border. There was a big round red bindi on her forehead. Her long black wavy hair was hanging on one side of her shoulder. She had long luminous eyes and a smiling face. She seemed to project an aura of divinity. She stood there smiling at him, then spoke in a soft melodious sing-song voice – “Why are you lying down with your feet towards your wife’s puja sthan?

Don’t you know you are dishonouring me by doing this?” The man was taken aback but as soon as he came truly awake, he fell on the lady’s feet realizing it was the Goddess herself.

He begged forgiveness touching her feet and said meekly, – “I have understood that you are really there. From today, I will never dishonour you and will worship you with all my heart.” The next instant, the room was empty. He woke up his wife and told her what had happened. She said – “Now do you believe in her?” He told her he did and after that he started worshipping the Goddess with all his heart. He fasted on all the 9 days of the Navratri festival and felt at peace with himself.

When I heard this amazing story, I realized that God always has a reason for everything. In this case, Goddess Durga wanted this man to understand the power of faith which his wife had. She had to come herself in order to convince him of her existence. The man was merely misguided and would never had listened to his wife unless this miracle hadn’t happened. It is important to honour and worship God, even if we do not conform to all the rituals.
Prayer needs no speech or show! It is devotion of the mind, body and soul. A complete submission and surrender to God Almighty.

Contributed By: Amita enjoys writing about her experiences as well as short stories for children and poems. Contact her at : amita17149@hotmail.com

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