A Miracle for Mom

A Miracle for Mom – Spiritual Experience Of Healing & Faith

I was always close to my mom; she was everything to me. I can describe my mom as kindhearted, caring, my best friend. I could talk with her more than Dad, confide and ask advice of her. The one thing I will always remember about Mom is how in her later years when I came to visit, how sorry I felt for this woman. Sitting alone in her living room, while Dad was off to church or running errands. She sat alone in her chair next to her window in her housecoat, she always wore a housecoat, didn’t dress up much, for she never had much to buy an expensive wardrobe or go anywhere outside of church on Sundays.Depending mainly on Social Security and Meals on Wheels to survive. I would pray to God at times to allow me to have some money so I could do something really special for her and Dad, something memorable.

I had the opportunity in 1984 to allow them to experience something special. I rented a shore house down the Jersey shore, of which I split the cost with my sisters, it was the first and only vacation they ever experienced during their four decades of marriage, an experience Mom spoke of for years after. My desire was to do it again for them both, but never could. Moving ahead years later my mom suffered through her last years of life. In 1993, she entered the hospital for a valvo-plasty procedure, which should have only kept her hospitalized for a few days. The doctor explained to my family and me that that if she did not have the procedure performed, she would die within a year, a painful death.

Therefore, as all good and loving children would have it, we painstakingly convinced Mom to have the procedure performed. We truly loved her and we wanted mom around longer than a year. As far as I was concerned one hundred years was far too short.

Mom entered the hospital on October 2nd undergoing the procedure two days later and she was scheduled to be released the day following the procedure. The doctor informed us the procedure was mainly simple and there should be no problem. We trusted in his word and I believe he believed every word he was telling us.

To make a long story short, the night of the procedure mom lie comatose in the cardiac care unit of the hospital, and as I was later told by one of my sisters (I was currently working nights at the time and was unaware of what had occurred.) The doctor had explained to her that whatever could have gone wrong with my mother’s procedure did. Mom lay in a coma for three days as I prayed for her every waking moment of everyday. On the third day after regaining consciousness, another problem arose. Mom was unable to breathe on her own, so she was affixed to a respirator and feeding tube. This scenario continued for days, which then became weeks, Mom just was not improving and the news on her condition just became worse. This is a point in my life when I can honestly say that I started experiencing the miracles.

Reaching inside myself, I prayed to God, asking him to spare my mom. I pleaded. “Let her live, God, even if it’s only for a year. Don’t let her go this way, don’t let my family and I feel as if we were partly responsible for her death.” I loved this fine woman and it was tearing my heart to pieces watching her in the C.C.U. sucking air through a respirator. As the grueling days expired, the doctors discussed performing a tracheotomy to free Mom from the respirator, for her condition was not improving. One Sunday before visiting Mom in the C.C.U., I stopped at a nearby monastery. There was a small gift shop behind the monastery, where the sold small gifts and religious articles and I thought to myself to stop in and buy something, holy water, a small relic, something that could bring us hope. As I said earlier, I was praying exhaustively everyday for Mom, praying for a miracle to bring her home. While I scanned the counter in the small shop I came upon a vial containing what appeared to be some sort of anointing oil, the inscription read, “St. Jude’s Holy Oil.”

Picking up the vial I asked the woman behind the counter just exactly was it. She explained to me that it was holy oil blessed by the relic of St. Jude. (St. Jude was Apostle and cousin to Jesus Christ.) She went on to say that people have used it widely for the anointing of the sick. St. Jude in Catholicism was the Saint who most Catholics would pray to in hopeless cases, when all seemed lost, and at this point in time I would have taken a miracle anyway I could get it. The situation with Mom seemed hopeless and was getting worse. I went to visit with Mom later that afternoon, bringing the oil and my faith in miracles with me. Arriving at the C.C.U. I made my way to Mom’s room. Dad, my sister, Carol, and her fiance, Richard were all present as Mom’s respirator continued its timely loud tick. Saying my hellos to all present I made my way towards Mom, looking into her eyes I noticed a difference in her eyes that I hadn’t noticed since her hospitalization, a clearness, almost like a glow, that would catch your eye.

I explained to her that I was going to bless her with the oil I had purchased earlier that day. Needless to say, I probably blessed a hundred times over with the oil, so many times Richard jokingly replied, “Hey, Dan, don’t bless her too much, you might just bless her to death.” When it was time to leave, I had such a strong feeling of hope within myself that my mom was going to be alright, that St. Jude was there for both of us. The last to leave the room, I spoke to Mom announcing with great faith, “Don’t worry, Mom, tomorrow you’ll be doing fine.” All I recall is Mom’s eyes following me out the room, and feeling in my heart how much I truly loved her. Hours later, stopping by Mom’s house, my wife Kathy and I dropped my dad off at the moment pulling to the curb what seemed to be an inner voice passed through my soul to my thoughts telling me, “Don’t worry your mom will be all right.” This voice just filled me with so much comfort.

Exiting the car to see my dad into the house, I replied to him knowing he was still very worried about Mom and her prospects, “Dad, you watch. Don’t worry, Mom is going to be okay, believe me.” I could tell my words truly lifted my father’s spirits. My wife and I left for home and when I arrived I picked up the phone calling my sister Joan to speak with her about my experience and the oil. As I spoke with Joan I knew she wasn’t buying it, but I knew in her heart she hoped for a miracle as much as I did. The night passed quickly as they always do and I awoke the next morning, beginning my relentless preparation for work that afternoon. My phone rang, my heart skipped because at that very moment, I was thinking of mom and the phone ringing did instill a slight wave of panic.

It’s only human nature that when we have a loved one gravely ill, or injured, that we pray the phone doesn’t ring at home, or at work, human nature always leaves us inclined to think the worst. I picked up the phone and Joan my sister was on the other end. She was ecstatic, overjoyed, her first response was, “Danny!…it worked.” “The St. Jude’s Holy Oil, the oil you blessed Mommy with yesterday. It worked, she’s off the respirator and she ate her first meal in sixteen days.”

I was consumed by the moment. It was a miracle and I just thought of the words quoted by Jesus Christ in the Bible, “With faith you can move mountains.” I had experienced a true miracle in my life. Mom was saved. Going further into detail, this miracle occurred near or on the date of October 29th which is the day all Catholics celebrate the feast of St. Jude. This fact blew my mind. My reverence for his divine intervention increased greatly. To further continue this story, my Mom was released from the hospital on November 2nd 1993, sadly she passed away November 5, 1994 just three weeks after finding out she had advanced breast cancer. My thoughts drifted back to the previous year when she was in intensive care, when I pleaded to God to spare her for us and how in my pleas, “God! Please spare her, even it’s only a year.”

I remember the look in Mom’s eyes when she returned home, the clearness, the brightness, almost as if she was touched with something heavenly. In this day and age when so many are seeking help, so often they seek in the wrong places and in the world’s worldliness many have forgotten there truly are things outside the realm of human existence that exist. Like God, and those so special to him he has entrusted with spiritual power, which surpasses anything humanely. Actor Danny Thomas had developed such a true devotion to St. Jude he started a hospital in St. Jude’s namesake. A hospital for who else, but the children, the ones Christ cherished so dearly And as I said before, “With faith we can move mountains.”

Contributed By: Daniel Jay Mc Shane I have been published in many newspapers in the New York Metro Area. I am author of a book entitled “Voices From A Wounded Soul” 2002 Vantage Press New York, Poetry and Essay related to social justice, Written several stories in the past “SureFire” 1998 no longer in publication. Enjoy writing, and enjoy sharing my ideas. I felt this short story would spark some interest with readers. The closest I can come to a near death experience through my research. katie163@verizon.net


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