NabaDurga and Her eight Divine Powers

NabaDurga and Her eight Divine Powers – Based on Hindu Mythology   

The Super Demon – Mahishasur & His Race Terrorised, Tortured, Tormented and Tyrannised Gods – Gods fled – 3 Super Gods sheltered Them – 3SGs Created A Super-Killer Woman, The Superpower– “The Mother Goddess Durga,” Empowered With The Eight Heavenly Feminine Powers, Kills All the Demons …

Across the clear blue sky drift away and away the fleecy white clouds as if fleets of sailing ships move towards an unknown destination where happiness is perpetual; where peace is eternal. Amid these gifts of nature a slight touch of the nip in the air marks the advent of autumn – the season for Indians’ one of the most popular, most loving, most caring Festivals – Durga Puja, the worship of the Mother goddess Durga. Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony all over West Bengal, India and in many places in five continents.

Celebration of Durga Puja is not only restricted to one or two communities but it is among all the proud Indians. Nowadays, it has become a boundless festival amongst the people of all races, colours and creeds. The familiar sound of drum (Dhak), a folk dance with burning urn-shaped earthen pots on the altar of the worshipping Hindu idols (Dhunuchi dance), and the mild fragrance of Shiuli flowers altogether give rise a familiar emotional feeling to every Indian heart as well as to those Indians who live abroad. Frankly speaking, the Durga Puja Festival is in their veins, in their blood, in their heart and soul. It is the greatest of all great occasions for all of them whether they live in India or in five continents. Nowadays, Durga Puja is no longer a puja only or a set of customary rites and rituals only, but a large or rather the largest Festival in India covering chiefly four consecutive Puja days packed with great joy, fun and merriment. Though it is a religious festival basically, it is more of a religious one. Therefore, Durga Puja, nowadays, has largely turned into a Social Festival of the world.

Conventionally, the clay made idols of Durgaand Her children Laxmi, Saraswati, Kartik andGanesh are worshipped consecutively for four days at every community-run makeshift temple during the autumn season every year. The same conventional style of Mother Durga and Her children is also seen worshipped at every domestic Durga Puja Festival.

But there is an exception to the above convention and that exception is absolutely unique of its kind, as well one and only on this earth. This unique kind of Durga Puja Festival is a community Durga Puja Festival, and it is well organised in this part of the world by Howrah Shibpur Sarbojanin Durgotsav Committee, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal, India. H.S.S.D.C. or famously known as SSD is a very old name in the historical chapter of West Bengal, and their Durga Puja Festival is one of the oldest celebrations in this country with a unique characteristic presentation of various clay-made idols at their makeshift
temple for age old glorious exhibition and for sincere worship. This unique characteristic presentation of the goddess Mother Durga and Her other associated idols, unlike the conventional one, is truly based on the Hindu mythology. The arrangement of the clay idols over the temporary bamboo made cascade designed platform inside the makeshift temple is in a circular fashion — from top to below and from below to top. However, the complete panoramically photographic view attached above depicts the true witness of the Hindu Mythology. The SSD and their celebration of Puja Festival are well synonymous with the backdrop of rich and orthodox Hindu culture, a symbol of decades’ long Indian heritage and tradition. Being an age-old community Durga Puja Festival organised by SSD it creates and serves such a warm and homely atmosphere in and around the makeshift temple and its locality during the Puja Festival days that it may, indeed, be comparable with those of centuries old traditional Domestic Durga Pujas.

Last but not least, SSD has been celebrating their Durga Puja Festival uninterrupted for last 70 years. Apart from rite, ritual and religion SSD on one hand organise various cultural programmes across the Puja days, on the other hand, they also hold social and community welfare programmes time to time. Often their Puja inaugural ceremonies are honoured by many different dignitaries of various quarters of Calcutta. Surprisingly this Puja Festival is exceptionally devoid of surface brilliance and huge financial expenditure.

Now let us look into what is actually, written in the Hindu Mythology. An evil powered demon named Mahishasur had earned the grant of a boon from Lord Shiva by way of long devotions to Him (by way of punishing himself hard). Lord Shiva having been impressed with Mahishasur’s devotions blessed him that no one but a woman would be able to kill him. Mahishasur was very pleased with the boon of Lord Shiva as he thought that no women would ever be able to defeat and kill him as they are by nature physically weaker than men. Hence he began to imagine himself as an immortal soul like all the Superiorgods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar (Lord Shiva).

Being big-headed Mahishasur and his fellow brothers Ausuras created a hellish terror all over the Universe. They had started torturing and killing the innocent people on the Earth mercilessly. They also terrorised, tortured, tormented and tyrannised all the godsin the Heavens, and such danger continued for a long period of one hundred years. Ultimately, the gods were thrown out of the Heaven by the demons. The gods finding no alternative fled away in fear and took shelter inside the surrounding of Indra’s great Lotus (the King of all the gods and other subordinate gods). Then keeping Him in the forefront as their protector they all reached the place where Great Superior gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar were present. Shedding profuse tears the poor and helpless gods narrated them, at length, their sorrowful stories ofterrorism, torture, torment and tyranny ruthlessly at the brutal hands of the demon king Mahishasur and his race. After hearing their pitiful stories the three Superior gods began to think deep and try to find out a solution. After much thought Maheswar said that the creation of a feminine god or goddess would only be the solution to fight, defeat and finally, kill the demon king Mahishasur and his fellow brothers for ever. The Trinity became very furious after that; their twisted brows threw out tremendous fire of anger. Soon a glaring flame of great fire began to emit from within the mouths and the bodies of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar.

Along with these Superior gods, Indra also took out a very strong and powerful dazzling flame of fire from within his mouth and body. All the glaring, flaring and blaring flames of fireballs are put together to take a huge shape of an enormous eruption. That enormous power of eruption turned into a Herculean strength of thunderbolt across the Heaven, across the Earth, and across the hell, and from that Herculean strength of thunderbolt there created a most beautiful, magnificent Feminine Appearance with ten full-limbed hands. The Creation of this Feminine Image is no one but our Mother goddess Durga whom we worship every year around this time with absolute sincerity and solemnity. The Mother goddess Durga represents a united front of all Divine forces against the negative forces of evil and wickedness. She stands and acts as a universal protector of all the evil forces. She also acts as a destroyer of all the wickedness.

The goddess Mother Durga was then strongly empowered by the Trinity and all other gods. Her face reflected the light of Lord Shiva; her ten arms were from Lord Vishnu; her feet were from Lord Brahma; the tresses were formed from the light of Yuma; the god of death and the two breasts were formed from the light the Moon god; the waist from the light of Indra; the legs and the thighs from the light of Varun, the god of oceans; the hips from the light of Earth; the toes from the light of the Sun god; fingers of the hand from the light of the Vasus; the children of goddess river Ganges; and nose from the light of Kuber, the keeper of wealth for all the gods. The teeth were formed from the light of Projapati, the lord of creatures; the Triad of her eyes was born from the light the fire of god; the eyebrows from the Sandhyas i.e., sunrise and sunset; the ear from the light of Vayu, the Wind god. Thus, from the energy of these gods, as well as from many other gods, was formed the goddess Mother Durga.

After the completion of the formation of Her different body parts the Superior gods and the other subordinates further, gifted
the Mother goddess Durga with their Deadly Divine Weapons and other divine objects to help her in her battle with the demon, Mahishasur. Lord Shiva gave her a trident (trishul) while Lord Vishnu gave her a disc (shudharshan chakra). Varun, gave her aconch and lasso, and Agni gave her a spear. From Vayu, she received arrows. Indra gave her a thunderbolt, and the gift of his white-skinned elephant Airavata with a bell. From Yuma, she received a sword and shield and from Vishwakarma (god of Architecture), an axe and armour. The god of mountains, Himavat gifted Her with jewels and his totem lion to ride on during the war in the battlefield. Durga was also given many other precious and magical gifts, new clothing, and a garland of immortal lotuses for her head and breasts.It is further mentioned in the Mythology that how the Eight Heavenly Powers assisted the Mother Durga in order to kill the demon king Mahishasur and his millions and millions of demon soldiers. These Eight Heavenly Powers were transformed into eight different Divine Women. They were Brahmani, Shivani, Koumari, Vaishnavi, Indrani, Barahi, Narasinghi and chamundi. These Heavenly and Divine Women Powers were the conglomeration of all the Earthly and Unearthly Greatest Universal Power.

Devi Durga having been strengthened with all the Deadly Divine Weapons broke into roaring laughter again and again. At Her loud roaring laughter the whole Universe began to rock vehemently. Such rock echoed all the corners of the Heaven, the Earth and the hell. The Devatas (the gods) joyfully welcomed the Devi Durga and Her Lion troops. The saints and the hermits from the Earth respectfully bowed down their heads, greeted and wished Her all success in this ensuing violent battle with the demon king Mahishasur and his race.

Now the fierce fight broke out between the Devi Durga and the demons (Ausuras). Various kinds of highly dangerous arms and ammunitions were widely used in the battlefield and that created terrible hullabaloo in, around and across the Universe. Mahiashasur sent his accomplices there with his strong command to kill the Devi Durga brutally on the spot, if She was not killed, She should be dragged alive by Her hair to the demons’ den. However, a super monster, Uudarga reached the battlefield with a huge fleet of sixty thousand chariots to take part in the fight. Ausura Mahahanu brought five million chariots; Asiloma entered the field with his very large fleet of twenty five million chariots. Many thousands and thousands of soldier elephants, soldier horses surround the whole battlefield to fight with the Devi Durga. Now solidly armoured Mahishasur landed up in the field with the billions and billions of horses, elephants and chariots on all sides. They in groups surrounded Her and started attacking Her with their killer weapons. Trillions and trillions of arrows, spears, were thrown at Her to take Her life. But nothing could dare touch Her skin, nor dared injure Her as She stood alone impenetrable and indestructible.

With Her Greatest of the great Powers, energies and zeal She went on defending Herself from all of them. At the same time she with the Powers of Her Divine Deadly Weapons struck and cut demons to numerous pieces. No demons could fight her and win. They were in chaos and were easily defeated and captured. Many were beheaded, many suffered brutal death with the loss of their eyes, loss of their upper and lower limbs and even after profuse bleeding. Devi’s totem, the Lion swelling its mane, growling in anger and turning into its real ferocious form went on jumping over the demons and killing them in thousands with its razor-sharp, wild teeth and claws. Many mahausuras were also amputated and beheaded. Mahishasur was shocked and enraged by the disastrous events on the battlefield. The Devi Durga sensing his weakness killed rest of the demons more violently.

Along with all the demons, all the elephants and all the horses suffered ruthless death; all the chariots were destroyed to heaps and piles. Large pool of blood began to flow in the middle of the battlefield and came out to create a large body of river all over the Heaven and the Earth. As Mahishasur’s armies were struck down effortlessly by Devi Durga, it became obvious to him that he was not as secure in the Heaven as he had thought of. Though almost all the demonsand mega demons (Mahausuras) were killed but Devi faced a little tough time to fight and eliminate Mahishasur, because every now and then She tried to terminate him with the violent strike ofHer Deadly weapons, he changed his appearances to many different forms and continued to fight against Her. He took on the form of a demonic buffalo, and charged at the divine soldiers of the Devi Durga, wounding them with its horns and killing many and lashing out with his whip-like tail. Devi Durga’s lion jumped on the demon-buffalo and engaged him in a fierce battle. While the demon-buffalo was engaged in fighting the lion, Devi Durga threw Her lasso around his neck and tried to fasten him so tightly that he would be choked to death. Mahishasur then held the form of a lion and when Devi Durga beheaded the lion, he escaped in the form of a man who was immediately faced with a shower of arrows from Devi Durga.

The demon escaped yet again and then having held the form of a huge elephant hit violently and repeatedly the Devi Durga’s lion with his pair of tusks. She with Her sword cut the tusks into pieces. The demon reverted once more to the form of the wild buffalo. He hid himself in the mountains from where he hurled boulders at Durga with his horns. Durga drank the divine nectar, the gift of Kuber. She then pounced on Mahishasur, pushing him to the ground with her left leg. She grasped his head in one hand, pierced him with her sharp trident held in another, and with yet another of her ten hands she wielded her bright sword and beheaded him with it. At long last, he fell on the ground with a huge thud that rocked the whole universe vehemently and died to slow and painful death, and the scattered surviving remnants of his once invincible army fled in terror. Finally she succeeded in killing Mahishasur after much effort.

Ultimately, the entire world of demons (Ausuras) were defeated and killed to death. The Devi Mother goddess Durgacried in great joy and happiness for Her great win in the mass killings of all the evil power permanently from the Heaven, the Earth, and, at long last, also from the hell. All the  Devtas, major and minor burst into rapturous joy and happiness. They cheerfully
greeted Her and showered flower-rains over their Great Devi. Once again the Eternal Heavenly Peace and Happiness which had been lost for a century or so to the devilish hands of the evil power came back to the three abodes ever after.

Contributed By:  Amalendu Mitra amalendumitra@yahoo.com

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