The Passage – “A Passage into Life after Death”

The Passage – “A Passage into Life after Death”   

2:20pm Veteran’s Hospital, Washington D.C. Ronald Wood lies motionless as twelve surgeons painstakingly work to repair his battered body after a near fatal collision which has taken the life of his wife and two young daughters. A micro-surgeon methodically works on Ron taking extreme care to not damage any of the nerve endings vital to Ron’s recovery.
Meanwhile, in a numbed dream state, Ron relives his horrible accident over and over again. Entrapped in a vortex of hysteria. An unending nightmare….

Suddenly, Ron hears the sound of what can only be explained as a loud clap of thunder. The sound like the loudest thunder that will awaken you from a sound sleep on a warm summer’s night. A flash of inner light like a jolt from a live wire that will quickly put you to the ground. Ron feels himself jettison from his body, experiencing an extreme rush…An adrenalin rush. He finds himself floating weightlessly above the surgeons who perspire over his battered body.

Confused, but also content, he wonders, my! God, what’s going on? Everything surrounding him appears so sharp and crystal clear. It’s as if he’s possessing perfect vision in a pain free existence. Completely aware of everything, as if part of everything.

Instantly! Ron finds himself being pulled through a dark tunnel, the sound now similar to that of a speeding train. Waves of sound pass through his mind. The only way I could explain the sound is like a repetitious, quick, sound, similar to a “Che! Che! Che!” There’s an extreme bright light at the end of the tunnel, emitting a soothing warmness, with a feeling of extreme love. A feeling so wonderful, all Ron wants, is to be consumed by the light. It radiates a perfect peace and contentment that could never be experienced in human form.

Suddenly! Ron passes through the light with a quick “Woo!” Another rush of fantastic sensation sweeps through him. Floating aimlessly, he’s surrounded by pulsating stars in a deep, dark, purple sky. Not a decibel of sound is heard.

Moments pass when Ron finds himself standing in a lush, green field, with crystal clear sparkling streams, to both his left and right. A bright, warm, silver sun, reflects off the tops of the streams causing them to glitter

like diamonds of many colors, captivating Ron’s visual sense. Golden trees laden with tempting fruit of beautiful colors, some colors not existent in the physical world of which he knows. The fruit appears so tempting and delicious, Ron just wants to reach out and grab them, but he hesitates to do so. He inhales their sweet, tempting, fragrance, that fills the air that surrounds him.

Ron turns and behind him he sees his wife Lisa, his two daughters, and his deceased parents. They stand smiling.
“Lisa! Mom! Dad!” Ron blurts in excitement, “What’s! Going on?”
They continue to smile, then softly reply, “Ron, don’t come here. You must go back. It’s not your time.”
“Time! Time for what?” Ron replies reluctantly. “I want to be here.”
Again they respond, “No! You must go back. It’s not your time.”
Then, as quickly as it began, Ron feels feels himself quickly pulled back as if by a bungi-cord. Moving swiftly he’s thrust back into the vacuum of his existence,
Suddenly! The E.C.G… and E.E.G. blurt back Ron’s vital signs.
The head surgeon breathes a quick sigh of relief,
“Woo! That was a close one.”

Contributed By: Daniel Jay Mc Shane I have been published in many newspapers in the New York Metro Area. I am author of a book entitled “Voices From A Wounded Soul” 2002 Vantage Press New York, Poetry and Essay related to social justice, Written several stories in the past “SureFire” 1998 no longer in publication. Enjoy writing, and enjoy sharing my ideas. I felt this short story would spark some interest with readers. The closest I can come to a near death experience through my research. katie163@verizon.net

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