Hindu Goddess – Sri Laxmi

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Hindu Goddess – Sri Laxmi

Hindu scriptures exhort that Sri Laxmi must be revered by us. Sri Laxmi should never be seen as giver of materialistic comforts, but She must be seen as Narayani – power of Lord Narayan. In Hindu traditions, Lord Narayan is seen as sustainer of universe. It is said, he approaches Laxmi to fulfill demands of his devotees. Sages explain that one can only approach Lord Narayan through Sri Laxmi.

If we want to appease Lord Krishna, then we must first appease Radha ji or if we want to please Lord Rama, then we must pray to Sita or Janaki first. One can safely say, those who displease Laxmi also hurt Lord Hari. One can pray to Laxmi as if one adores his or her mother.

If we treat her with respect, we will be eternally blessed by her. If we use her as a blessing and utilize it for betterment of others, she will always take care of us. Laxmi Ji is always in service of Lord Narayan.

Laxmi always loves those who serve Lord Hari and as scriptures explain to us. Lord Hari resides in Daridra Narayana-poorest of poor. Those who serve the noble causes are always loved by her.

One can only be a Laxmi nandan (offspring of Laxmi) but cannot be Laxmi pati (owner) because she is wedded to Lord Narayan. It’s a fallacy that she blesses few. Being our cosmic mother, her blessing is without any discrimination.

Laxmi becomes angry, if we misuse her blessings. Whenever, we waste money in obtuse concepts, we displease her. If we use her as a blessing and utilize it for betterment of others, she will always take care of us.

Contributed By: Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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