A Special Father’s Day

Fathers Day!

A Special Father’s Day

Value-Based Children’s Story – Overcoming

Rocky, Melissa, Lindsay, Jason, and Jennifer are very excited.

“Guys, Father’s Day is very near. What have you decided to do to make the day special for our dads?” asks Jennifer.

“Oh, I forgot! Thanks Jenny for reminding. Let’s all get together in the evening and decide how to spend that day,” replies Lindsay. “Well, mom must be waiting for lunch. See ya,” shouts Melissa, running to her house.

“After lunch, I’ll write down some ideas for Father’s Day and we will discuss them when we meet,” says Rocky, going back home.

Lindsay agrees. “Bye Jenny! Bye Jason!” she says, walking towards the street. “Bye”, chorus the siblings.

Jenny and her brother Jason head back home too after picking their bikes which were parked near the park’s entrance. “I love coming to this park. It is so full of greenery and lovely flowers,” says Jennifer, getting on her bike. “Yes, I love it too,” adds her brother, riding ahead.

Evening finds the friends gathered on the park bench under the shade of the big old tree.

“So what ideas have you got Rocky?” asks Jason. “I think we should make gift items on our own and prepare some mouth watering dishes for our dads,” suggests Rocky. “That’s a good idea but what can we make ourselves?” quizzes Jason.

“I want to make a Tie Box for my dad. He has a lot of ties but doesn’t find them when he wants to wear them. If he has a tie box, he will know where to look for them when he is getting ready for office,” plans Lindsay. “Will you help me make a kerchief box for my dad, Rocky?” It will be difficult to make it on my own,” implores Melissa. “Sure thing Mel and I think I will make a large container for my dad to keep his files and important papers,” adds Rocky. “I know what Jason and I can make,” enthuses Jenny, with a smile.

“What is your plan sis?” asks her brother. “We will make sandwiches, cookies, and lemonade for the party,” smiles Jenny. “Alright sis, I’ll help you in the preparations,” says Jason, happily.

Next day, Melissa informs the gang that her mother has decided to make a huge pineapple cake for all the dads to cut together. “That will be wonderful Mel. It is so good of aunty to offer to make a cake for all our dads. They will love it,” says Jennifer.

Father’s Day dawns with a lovely cool breeze blowing. The kids have nearly finished making their gifts. Melissa’s mom’s cake is ready. Jason and Jenny have everything in hand. The venue has been decided.

The celebration will take place on the big terrace of Rocky’s house. At about 5 pm, people start gathering at Rocky’s house. Everyone is there except Jason, Jenny, and their parents.

After some time, Melissa speaks, “Why haven’t Jason and the others arrived yet?” “Did Jenny tell you the time they would reach here, Lindsay?” questions her father. “No, it was her idea to gather here around this time,” replies his daughter. About fifteen minutes later, Rocky calls their house number, but there is no reply. “Rocky, let’s go to Jenny’s house and see what’s keeping them,” suggests Lindsay.

The children return and tell everyone that the house is locked from outside.

Just then, the phone rings inside Rocky’s house. He answers it. “Oh no, Jenny’s dad fell in the garden and sprained his left ankle. He can’t walk at all and has to take rest. Jason wants us to go ahead with the celebrations and has asked me to come with dad and collect the eatables. He doesn’t want to leave his dad alone but I don’t want to have the celebrations without them,” says Rocky, with a sad expression.

Seeing his son’s face, Rocky’s dad speaks up, “Why don’t we move the party’s venue to Jason and Jennifer’s home?” “Wow can we do that daddy?” asks Rocky, excitedly.

“Sure we can Sonny, but let’s find out what our friends have to say to this.”

Everyone agrees to this plan and all of them help in carrying the party things to Jason’s house. Lindsay and Melissa’s parents keep the eatables in air tight containers. Rocky’s dad brings out his car. Everyone except Melissa’s parents sits in the car. They sit in their own car, with Melissa’s mom holding the precious cake in her lap.

When Jason opens the main entrance of his home and sees everyone, he gives a whoop of joy, jumping up and down.

“Wow the party is here daddy,” he shouts. His dad smiles from the sofa where he is resting with his feet up. “Oh you didn’t have to go to this trouble people!” he spoke shaking hands with the other dads.

“Well, our celebration would not have been complete without you folks,” replies Lindsay’s dad.

Jenny’s mom has tears in her eyes as she sets about getting the dining room ready for the party. Everyone enjoys the food and drink. Later on, there is music and dancing and after that, the gifts are handed out to the dads. They thank their children and then, Jason and Jenny’s dad gives a speech.

“I am so proud of my kids here who showed us the true meaning of overcoming difficulties. When I fell they panicked because their mom was out and couldn’t be contacted and watching me in pain, they didn’t even try to contact any of you, thinking why this special day should be spoilt for you all. They got an ambulance, took me to the hospital and I got prompt treatment. Our kids know how to overcome difficulties in times of trouble and are really caring kids. I love you guys.”

Jason came and hugged his dad saying happy Father’s Day and Jenny clung to her dad smiling broadly. “I think my friends need special thanks for bringing the party to our place for our dad’s sake,” spoke Jason grinning.

“Thank you, uncles and aunties, for your support to make this Father’s Day really special,” added Jennifer.

VALUE IN FOCUS: Overcoming

Written By: Amita is a Story teller and a spiritual writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.


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