Happy Heart

Happy Heart

Value: Do Your Part

“Let’s go and visit Dr. Roberts today,” says Lindsay. “Oh yes! We haven’t seen him recently,” speaks Melissa. “I guess he must be busy,” adds Jennifer.

Jason and Rocky want to meet him too. “Dr. Roberts is such a pleasant doctor. Dr. Bernard, before him, was very strict and non-smiling. I used to be scared going to him,” adds Melissa. “I know but he was a good doctor,” reflects Jason.

The friends troop to Dr. Roberts Clinic on Cherry Street.

The doctor greets them, “Hello children, how are you all? It’s nice of you to come and visit me. I hope everyone in your family is enjoying good health.” “Yes, doctor. We came to say hello to you,” chorus the children. “Come in, I have some extra cupcakes which I got for mid-day snacks. They are very good, invites the doctor.

The friends go inside his room. Rocky notices huge charts on the walls. “What are these charts about? He asks. “These are illustrations of the human heart. I have put them up for ‘world Heart Day’, replies the doctor. “When is that?” asks Jason. “It is next week,” answers Dr. Roberts.

“Are you doing something special for that day?” asks Lindsay. “Well, I am organizing a free heart check-up next week. Anyone who wants to come is welcome,” replies the doctor. “Only heart patients are supposed to come, right doctor?” asks Jenny.

“Along with them, others should get a heart check-up too. It is always better to get regular tests done,” smiles the doctor. “I see,” agrees Jenny. “We will spread the news about this to everyone around our neighbourhood,” says Melissa. “I can help you with that. Here are some informative pamphlets you can give your families and others,” says the doctor, handing out some of them to the five friends.

“Will do doctor,” enthuses Jason. “Bye, we will come and visit you soon,” they say, going back home. “See you friends,” calls the doctor.

For the next few days, the five children get busy handing out pamphlets to anyone they meet. Granny Anderson is the first to agree to visit the clinic for a checkup. The children accompany her to Dr. Roberts for a clean chit for her heart.

The doctor carries out a thorough investigation of granny’s heart and finds that her heartbeat is erratic.

“Mrs. Anderson, I want to keep you at my nursing home for a couple of days and get some more tests done. I think at this age, a full body check- up is needed,” smiles the doctor. “What is wrong with me? Come out with the truth,” appeals Mrs. Angela Anderson. “You are fit as a fiddle. I just want to make sure you remain so for the rest of your life. Come with me and I’ll show you your room at the nursing home. You can rest and relax there.”

“Won’t I need a change of clothes and some more things from home?” “Please don’t worry about that, we will bring all you need,” says Jason. The friends go to granny’s room in the nursing home behind the clinic and help her lie down on the bed.

Lindsay makes a list of all she wants from her house. Jason, Rocky and Lindsay go to granny’s cottage to collect and bring back her personal belongings. Melissa and Jennifer keep granny company.

Granny stays at the nursing home for a few days, while Dr. Roberts takes some more tests. At last, he is satisfied and announces, “You must be nervous when you came to me for a heart check-up that is why your heart beat was irregular. The rest of your test results are fine so you can go home today.”

“Thank you, doctor. I’m happy to return home, but first I must thank all these children for being there for me and doing your part very well indeed,” says granny. “You are welcome. I’m happy that you have a happy heart,” smiles the doctor.

“We love you granny and want to thank our good doctor for taking care of you,” says Rocky, with a smile. “I’m impressed, kids. You really know the meaning of doing your part in taking care of others,” says the doctor.

The five friends take granny home. She gives them some homemade cookies and tarts and bids them goodbye with a hug each.

Celebrating World Heart Day: September 29, 2017

Value: Do Your Part

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash


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