Incident At The Book Fair

Value in Focus: Civility

Lindsay’s cousin Tina is coming to visit her for some days. Lindsay respects and admires her older cousin sister for her good nature and well-mannered behaviour.

“Tina is coming to stay for the weekend. I am very excited,” says Lindsay. “When can we meet her Lindsay? We have heard so much about your cousin,” asks Jennifer. “She will be here Friday evening, so we can meet at my place next morning,” replies Lindsay. “Ok see you then,” speaks Rocky.

“I have to run back home to finish my homework,” he adds. “My mom is waiting for me so I’ll be rushing home too,” says little Melissa. Jason, Jenny, and Lindsay talk some more before returning home.

On Saturday morning, the gang arrives at Lindsay’s house. Tina welcomes them inside.

“I’m so glad to have met you all. Lindsay keeps telling me about your adventures whenever we talk on the phone,” says Tina. The children sit talking to Lindsay’s cousin while nibbling on cinnamon buns and fruit tarts. “Aunt told me about the book fair in this town. Would you like to go there tomorrow?” asks Tina.

Rocky and Melissa are ready. “It depends on the time you decide to go. We have swimming lessons in the morning,” says Jason. “What time will you be free?” asks Lindsay. “We will be back home by ten,” replies Jennifer. “Alright then, we can leave at ten-thirty,” plans Tina.

Next day, the friends gather at Lindsay’s house. “Tina, I love your outfit,” comments Jennifer. “Thank you, my mom got it for me,” replies Tina, with a smile. “What’s in your bag Tina?” asks Melissa. “Oh, I have some candies for you,” says Tina, giving them some. “I love these candies. They are very tasty,” chuckles Rocky, taking another one.

“How far is the book fair?” questions Jason. “It’s about a mile and a half. I would love to go there walking but if you want we can take a bus,” says Tina. “I’m game,” replies Mel. “Me too, says Jenny.

“Of course I’ll love to go walking,” adds Jason. “I suppose I’ll walk too. I hope I don’t get too tired,” says Rocky. “Walking will do you good Rocky after a number of candies you have eaten,” giggles Melissa. “I ate only five,” says Rocky, munching.

Talking and laughing, they arrive at the book fair. There is quite a crowd assembled there with both adults and children walking from one counter to another looking for their favourite authors and books.

Melissa exclaims, “I’m going to choose the latest fairy tales.” Rocky and Jason look for boys annuals, while Jenny and Lindsay look at girls annuals.

Tina loves murder mysteries and finds two which look interesting. After about an hour, they decide to head back home. Just as they are about to leave, they hear a commotion at the entrance door.

A young boy with spectacles is sprawled on the floor and some books are scattered near him. Jenny and Mel run and help him get up.

“What happened? How did you fall? Are you hurt?” questions Lindsay, coming over with Tina. “That guy in the blue shirt pushed past me in a hurry and I lost my balance” replies the boy, standing up and adjusting his spectacles on his nose. “That’s too bad. He didn’t even help you or say sorry,” says Mel.

Tina runs back inside and confronts the guy. “Look here mister, you just bumped into that boy and are walking away without a glance back. Please come and apologize to him.” The guy turns around and shouts angrily, “I did nothing on purpose. Why should I apologize? I’m in hurry. I have no time for this nonsense.”

Rocky and Jason stand right in front of him so that he doesn’t leave. “Don’t you know the meaning of civility? Sorry is just a word. Please behave in a civil manner and don’t shout. You won’t become any less by being a bit polite and saying sorry. We are all rushed for time but being decent and civil doesn’t hurt,” explains Tina, smiling sweetly. The fellow stops taken aback, but after a minute of glaring at them calms down.

He shakes the boy’s hand saying, “I’m sorry lad. I didn’t mean to upset you in any way. Sorry indeed. Take care.” He leaves with a wink and a grin. The boy thanks Tina and they return home.

“You did a good job, Tina, I’m impressed,” says Rocky. “You taught a lesson to the guy he won’t forget soon. I’m proud of you cousin,” says Lindsay, giving a hug to Tina. Jason, Jenny, and Melissa praise Tina too. “I’m on for some ice cream, how about you guys?” asks Tina. “It will be my treat,” she adds, with a smile. They enjoy their favourite ice cream cones at the roadside stall and walk back home.

International Day Of Peace – September 21, 2017

Value in Focus: Civility

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash


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