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A Gift for Mom


“It’s ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ on Sunday,” says Jennifer. “What’s that?” questions little Melissa, with a puzzled look on her face.

“It’s a day for our dad’s to let our moms know what they appreciate about them,” answers Jason. “Oh, my dad thinks my mom is the best baker in the whole world,” chirps Mel, happily. “I think so too. Yesterday, she made a yummy vanilla cake for evening tea,” adds Mel, with a wide grin. “Let me taste some,” says Rocky. “Sorry, it has finished,” giggles Mel.

Rocky makes a sad face and everyone bursts out laughing. “My mom helps dad manage the family budget every month,” says Lindsay. “She always finds a way to adjust the budget when there is a need for some extra money to buy something special,” she adds. “Plus her chicken cutlets are out of this world,” announces Rocky, smiling widely.

“No worries Rocky, I’ll get them for school lunch soon,” giggles Lindsay. “Thanks in advance, my mouth is already watering,” speaks Rocky, a dreamy look on his face. “Anyway, what does your dad think of your mom?” inquires Jenny. “Dad thinks mom is wonderful at organizing get-togethers. He doesn’t have to worry about the details when he invites his office people for lunch or dinners,” says Rocky. “My mom is an all-rounder. That’s what dad says. She finds a solution for any problem in a jiffy. All our worries get resolved by sharing them with mom,” speaks Jason.

“Yes, and she is also very good at finding lost items. Yesterday, dad couldn’t find his office file. He looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be seen. Mom found it in his cabinet under a pile of shirts. Dad was so relieved,” adds Jennifer. “Well, we know what qualities of our moms are appreciated by our dads, but they have to let our moms know this in some special way,” says Jason.

“Why don’t we meet at my place with our dad’s early evening and talk to them about ‘Wife Appreciation Day’?” asks Rocky.

“My mom is going to visit Aunt Agatha this evening so we won’t be disturbed,” he adds. “And my mom is going to the new boutique with her friend to try out some dresses,” says Melissa. “My mom goes to her club to play badminton at four thirty, so I can bring dad easily to Rocky’s house,” says Lindsay. “Our mom will be at home but won’t mind our going to Rocky’s place,” says Jason. “And we will ask dad to come straight to Rocky’s home, announces Jenny.

Early evening sees the children gathered at Rocky’s house. Soon, the dads arrive and the discussion about the special day begins. “I have bought a new watch for your mom in her appreciation,” says Melissa’s dad. “I got her the latest bestseller, a thriller by her favourite author,” says Lindsay’s dad. “I haven’t chosen a gift as yet. Rocky, will you help me buy your moms gift after our meeting?” asks his dad.

“Sure dad, I will. “I know what she’ll want,” says Rocky with a grin. “Jason and Jenny, you have to help me too. I didn’t get time to get your mom a gift,” says their dad. “Oh mom will be happy with a fragrant bouquet and some chocolates,” laughs Jason. “What about a party?” questions Melissa. “Where do you suggest we should meet for a party?” asks Jason’s dad. “Why not meet at my place with your wives and kids?” inquires Lindsay’s dad.

“I’ll arrange eatables and drinks from the new restaurant, so our wives will be free to enjoy.” “Very well, then we will see you tomorrow evening,” says Jason’s dad. The surprise party is a success. “We are very fortunate to have you ladies in our lives and our special thanks for your contributions are written in these notes we have here. Read it at leisure while opening your gifts,” speaks Jason’s dad.

The party ends on a jovial note and everyone goes back home.

Wife Appreciation Day – September 17, 2017

VALUE IN FOCUS: Dedication

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Marek Prygiel on Unsplash


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