The Miracle of Forgiveness

Happy Brother & Sister

The value in Focus: Forgiveness

Rocky, Melissa, Lindsay, Jason and his sister Jennifer come to know about ‘International Day Of Happiness’.

“I want to do something to make someone happy on ‘International Day Of Happiness’, chirps Melissa, the youngest member of the group of friends, sitting at leisure in the playground, resting after a strenuous game of football.

“Do you know someone who is unhappy?” asks Rocky. “Well, I don’t know that silly, but suppose we find an unhappy person tomorrow, on ‘International Day Of Happiness’, then what?” questions Mel.

“Alright Mel, we will look out for an unhappy person tomorrow for you to perform a miracle,” laughs Lindsay.

Next Day, the friends meet in school and wish each other.

“Happy Happiness day to you all!” Says Melissa, excitedly. “Same to you,” chorus the others.

At lunchtime, as they finish their tiffin, Jenny hears a sobbing sound. She goes to the school shed behind the bench and finds Nora. Sitting with her head down, sobbing quietly. The others join her.

“What happened Nora, why are you crying?” asks Jason. Nora looks at them with tearful eyes and says, “Oh it’s nothing. It’s just that I am sad about something.”

“Please tell us the reason for your sadness. No one should be sad on ‘International Day Of Happiness’.

“That is why my sadness is double today. This morning, my big brother, Ray asked me to bring his laptop from his room. I ignored his request and spoke back very rudely that he should get it himself. This made him angry and he stopped talking to me. He didn’t even come to see me off at the bus stop which he does every day. I was in a rush to reach the bus stop on time so ran out banging the door shut. I’m regretting my behaviour now and want his forgiveness. I tried calling him but he did not answer. I don’t know what to do,” said Nora, wiping her tears.

“What if he never talks to me,” sobbed Nora. “Hush Nora, of course, he will talk to you sooner or later,” says Lindsay, in a soothing voice. The bell rings and the kids start going to their classes.

“Lo and behold, here’s a sad person for Mel to work her magic on,” teases Rocky. “What’s your plan dear? Only a miracle can help you fulfil your wish Mel,” adds Jason. Mel seems very sure of herself and says, “Meet me at the school gate after school and I’ll tell you my plan to make Nora happy.” “She sure has a plan. I saw her whispering something in Nora’s ears,” observes Jenny.

All six of them meet at the school gate when Mel reveals her plan of action. “We are all getting down at the stop before ours which is Nora’s. We will accompany her to her home and help her in convincing Ray to forgive her. Are you game friends?” asks Mel. “Good idea. Your brother needs to forgive you on ‘International Day Of Happiness’ and we will all try to talk to him,” speaks Jason, with authority.

“Thank you guys but I know he won’t budge. He is very angry,” laments Nora. “Well, we can only try,” chorus the others.”

At Nora’s bus stop, the six of them get down and march to her house looking very purposeful. Lindsay notices a florist on the way. “Wait, guys. I think Nora should get some flowers for Ray. “That’s a good idea. Has someone got some cash on them?” questions Jennifer. All of them pitch in and collect enough for a small bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers. They reach the house and ring the doorbell. Ray answers the door and is about to turn away from his sister when he notices the others.

“Why are you here,” he questions. Mel says, “we have come to meet you on this Happiness day Ray. Please forgive your sister. She didn’t mean to be rude.” Nora begs,” please Ray, don’t be angry with me. I know I did a terrible thing in answering you back so rudely. I will never do it again. I promise. Please accept this small bunch of your favourite yellow and purple flowers as a peace offering.”

As Ray hesitates, Jason adds, “come on Ray, everyone makes mistakes but forgiveness is a great virtue.” “I’m sure you don’t want your sister to be unhappy today,” speaks up Rocky. Jenny and Lindsay say,” please Ray, forgive your sister. She loves you and will never be rude again.”

At last, Ray smilingly accepts Nora’s gift of flowers and gives her a warm hug. “I forgive you little sister but please don’t speak to me like that ever. I was deeply hurt and upset.” “I’m sorry big brother. I love you and respect you a lot,” smiles Nora.

“I love you too, you know that,” adds Ray. As the others turn to leave, Ray calls them back. “Come on guys. This calls for a celebration. Sit inside and I’ll make us chocolate shakes with ice cream,” invites Ray, with a broad grin.

“Wow I love chocolate shake,” announces Rocky. The others laugh as they follow Ray and Nora inside.

Thus Melissa’s wish of making another happy comes true.

Value: Forgiveness

Celebrating International Day of Happiness – March 20th, 2018

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash


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